Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Hi everyone, I hope you're all well.

I have been busy designing my own necklace! I designed mine through an online jewellery design platform called Mink&Stone which is a recently launched website. 

All pieces of jewellery are designed by you and you get to pick the type of beads you want, the design you want and you can choose between a silver and gold chain if you are designing a necklace. This allows all creative freedom for you and allows you to personalise all your jewellery which is pretty cool; especially if you get bored of seeing the same thing all the time.

I decided to design a choker which is my favourite type of necklace. I don't know if you can all tell by now, but I love black and I love a minimalist style so I paired my black choker with a gorgeous co- ord from Topshop and a pair of ankle boots which are also from Topshop.

I think this outfit is really perfect and comfortable for the Christmas party season as well as being simple and minimal which ideal for my taste.

To make your own visit:
To get the boots:
To get the co- ord:

Thanks for reading and have a great evening. Don't forget to leave a comment below letting me know if you've designed your own and tag #MinkStoneMyPiece. I'd love to see your designs.


ps. Wait did that rhyme? I'm pretty sure it did.