Saturday, 3 October 2015

#BLOGTOBER 3- How I dyed my natural hair blonde

Hi everyone, thank you for sticking with me for day 3 of #Blogtober. If you've missed day 1 and 2 click here and here. Today I'll be doing a little pictorial of the process of dyeing my natural curly hair blonde. This will be my second time dyeing my hair blonde and I had so many people ask me how I did it which inspired this post over a year later.

I don't have a before picture but as you can see from my roots below, my hair was jet black all over

Products used 
I used the bleach to lift the colour from my hair, the dye to set the colour I wanted and the toner to help remove any brassiness.

Bleach is on

After bleach has been rinsed out

Hair dye has been applied

Results after the toner

Once my hair was completely rinsed out and the dyeing process was completed, I used a combination of these three products so that I could start the restoration process after all the chemical damage. 

My hair type is 3c/4a and was in good condition before I started the bleaching process.

The result

I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave any questions down below if you  have any questions or @ me on Twitter- @renee_ed

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