Wednesday, 7 October 2015

#BLOGTOBER 7- Tips for staying organised

Hi everyone, so we are about 1 week into October and at the beginning of the month I talked about what I wanted to achieve for October (see post here) so I thought I'd share my top tips for staying organised to help us achieve our October goals.

  1. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN: If I don't have a plan laid out of what I want to do then I find I forget things and it isn't done as well as it could be.
  2. Write things down: As above if everything is in my head there is always something forgotten and I am more stressed then I need to be.
  3. Use calendar/ diary: to plan in advance and so you can see what the agenda is for the day
  4. Use phone reminders: For really urgent things, put a reminder on your phone and it will send out an alert.
  5. Keep things tidy: If you have a desk, only keep the most important things on the desk so it isn't cluttered and helps keep your mind organised.

These are my tip 5 tips for staying organised. Do you have any tips for me? I could always use some extra help. Thank you for reading.

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