Wednesday, 2 December 2015

10 YouTubers You Should be watching

Hi everyone and happy December! The countdown to Christmas has begun. Today I'll be showing you all my 10 favourite YouTubers. I'm always looking for more suggestions so let me know in the comment section some of your faves.

(In no particular order)

1. Tasha Green

Tasha is a blogger and vlogger from London with awesome style, amazing hair (goals) and great beauty tips. She's so close to 100.00 subscribers so subscribe down below

2. Samantha Maria (formerly BeautyCrush)

Sammi has been in the YouTube game for a little while now, so she might already be a staple follow for some of you. If not, Sammi is a bubbly with amazing style and gives great tips on how to style certain pieces. Plus her hauls make you want to spend all your money.

3. Hello October xo
Suzie has awesome beauty tips and is severely underrated. Her tutorials will have you making heart eyes.
(tutorial starts at 1:00)

4. Patricia Bright
Patricia is a super funny beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger and her stories will leave you shocked and laughing for days

5. Lily Pebbles
Another severely underrated Lily Pebbles (real name!) has amazing editing skills and gives amazing skincare tips and makeup tutorials that you would actually wear.

6. Shirley B. Eniang

Shirley is aesthetic goals! You'll know what I mean when you watch her videos. She has effortless style and does amazing makeup tutorials

7. It's Lina Mar

Helina does amazing beauty tutorials with amazing editing skills and also happens to be good friends with Tasha Green.

8. Vivianna does Makeup
Known for her monthly #BeautyChats with Lily Pebbles she also does amazing edits from makeup to affordable skincare.

9. In the Frow
Victoria is a super chic fashion blogger and vlogger who also does beauty tutorials. Her luxury fashion picks make for a great wishlist and her bright personality will have you hooked.

10. Kaushal Beauty
Kaushal has had an amazing rise in YouTube in the past year. Her Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial was super popular and I've stayed for an array of beautiful tutorials and Indian beauty looks. She's so close to 1 million subscribers! Check her out below.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it (I enjoyed it a lot). Do we watch the same YouTubers? Let me know who your faves are in the comment section below.

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