Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Hey everyone, hope you're all well. I get asked all the time about my favourite beauty products irl (in real life) and online. So much so, that some of my work colleagues have nicknamed me "The Plug". So I will be summarising my favourite products for each aspect of makeup. If you'd like more in depth info, leave a comment down below or '@ me' on Twitter.

I decided to split this up to make for easier reading so today lets start with the base. Arguably the hardest part of makeup and definitely the most important.

Base Products
To make this more cohesive to read I thought I'd split it into sections, so let's start with my base.

Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Hell yes. The best primer I've used for my oily t- zone and a little goes a long way. Squeeze a pea sized amount onto your finger and dab onto the skin that is oily/has large pores.

After I prime I apply this to my cheeks a forehead for a subtle glow and bronze under my foundation. You can also apply it over your foundation or mix it with it.

The first instalment of my NARS obsession. For those of you who like light coverage this is my fave. Natural finish and is oil free with SPF 30, perfect for summer. I swear by NARS bases and very WOC friendly.

Perfect shade, perfect formula. Definitely my favourite concealer as it is full coverage and blends well with my beauty blender. They've recently expanded their shade range, so you should be able to find a concealer for you.

When I want extra coverage and a bit of dark spot correction I wear this concealer under my Nars one and it is literally perfect. It's a great combination for special occasions and super high coverage. By itself, it's an easy to blend cream, great for on the go. Use with your fingers for best results.

Yes NARS again, but this foundation is amazing! All year 'round perfection with a wide range of undertones and shades if you have normal/ oily/ combination skin this will be perfect for you. Medium to full coverage and buildable, so depending on your mood, this foundation can accommodate.

Perfect for setting under the eyes, reverse contouring, highlighting, baking etc. And great for WOC.  Use my code 'wocbeautyuk' for money off! To prevent any cakiness I then spray my face with Prep + Prime Fix + and that is the perfect base done. 

I know my list is high end but the UK drugstore doesn't cater well for darker skin tones and you definitely don't need to buy these all at once. These are all my personal favourites, tried and tested. 

Have any questions? '@ me' on Twitter as I'm usually quite active on there

Thank you for reading! 

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